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Do you know the general classification of speakers?

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The speaker is also called the speaker box. It is to put the speakers in different frequency bands in the professionally designed cabinets. The output data signal of the power amplifier circuit is divided into high frequency, high frequency and low frequency through the frequency divider. After the data signal, they are sent to the system software of each relative speaker to start playing. There are many types of speakers, with different scopes and classification methods.

After the loudspeaker is installed in the loudspeaker, the propagation characteristics of the sound inside the loudspeaker can be used to expand the range of low-frequency playback of the loudspeaker, so that the heavy high sound creates a more magnificent sound field.

Do you know the general classification of speakers?

The keys to the classification of speakers according to the crossover method are: single-speaker speakers; two-way speakers; three-way speakers; four-way speakers; multi-crossover speakers; bass speakers (subwoofer speakers).

The keys to the classification of speakers according to their main purposes are: vertical speakers; bookcase speakers; digital amplifier speakers; surround speakers; monitor speakers; speakers for cinemas; speakers for performance stages, etc.

Do you know the general classification of speakers?

Speakers are classified according to their internal structure: enclosed, inverted, mystery, external horn, empty paper rubber support, symmetrical driver, Kelton, and barbell.
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