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Four ways to connect TV to external speakers

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Nowadays TVs are very thin, but the sound produced by TVs is not perfect, so more and more consumers are choosing external speakers and other equipment. For those who are not familiar with TV connecting speakers, please refer to the connection between TV and speakers. Several methods.

The first type: Bluetooth connection
At present, most smart TVs on the market are equipped with Bluetooth function, and if you happen to buy a Bluetooth speaker, you can connect via wireless Bluetooth, which is not only convenient for operation, but also saves lines that affect the appearance. cable.
The specific operation method: turn on the Bluetooth function of the TV and speakers respectively, then search for the currently identifiable Bluetooth devices on the TV, and then pair and connect, you can perfectly realize the external speaker instead of the speaker to sound.

The second type: traditional AUX interface output

The AUX interface output basically covers all TV equipment, whether it is an old TV or the latest smart TV, so everyone needs to worry about not being able to use this interface. As a traditional and ancient interface, it may be weak in sound quality, and sometimes it may produce electric current. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this connection method if it is not a last resort. Specific connection method: buy a lotus male to double lotus female RCA one-to-two adapter cable online, and then connect one section of the audio adapter cable to the red hole end of the one-to-three adapter cable that the TV factory configures; connect the two split ends separately Plug the red and white RCA audio cable into the left/right audio input port of the audio system.

Four ways to connect TV to external speakers

The third type: HDMI interface output, convenient and fast, with guaranteed sound quality
If the TV has an HDMI output interface, the audio also has an HDMI input interface. In this case, you can connect directly by purchasing an HDMI cable connection, so you can pay attention to whether your TV has an HDMI interface.

The fourth type: SPDIF connection, specifically divided into two types: coaxial and optical fiber

This connection method should be the favorite of music enthusiasts. Both coaxial and optical fiber transmit the same signal, but the carrier is different, and the appearance of the connection is also somewhat different.

Four ways to connect TV to external speakers

For the specific connection method, buy a coaxial cable or optical fiber cable and connect it to the coaxial interface or optical fiber interface of the TV and speaker equipment respectively. However, it should be noted that this connection method often requires The speaker device is set. So after connecting, you can enter the device interface of the TV, turn on the sound, and then turn on the fiber output mode. The audio equipment varies by model, and the specific operation is completed by referring to the manual.
So, the above are a few ways to connect the TV to the speakers. I hope that I can really help all my friends, and we will patiently answer for you.
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