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What is the price of Bluetooth speakers?

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For most Bluetooth speakers, especially the cheap ones, 20 yuan or even less than ten yuan, most of them are cutting corners. In addition to no safety certification, even the shell is also made of cheap materials, basically plastic materials, and The flammability is very high. Most Bluetooth speakers will have a temperature rise when charging. If it is made of plastic, it will be easily deformed after the temperature rises. According to the test, the temperature of some Bluetooth speakers can even be as high as 95 degrees Celsius, and the plastic can be melted directly . The worst result of non-flame retardant Bluetooth speakers is to burn directly when a short circuit occurs. Therefore, when choosing a Bluetooth speaker, a safety device must be provided. Of course, the material of the shell cannot be ignored. It is best to choose a metal material so that it can achieve 100% flame retardancy.

What is the price of Bluetooth speakers?

In fact, for the Bluetooth speakers, I thought it was very simple at the beginning, just choose one that seems to be of good quality and high in sales. But after reading the online quality report, I feel that let alone 50 yuan, even a 100 yuan bluetooth speaker is a matter of smoking a few packs of cigarettes. This must be changed. After all, this is the soul of music enthusiasts. , Can't be fun. Of course, not only the Bluetooth speakers, but also the Bluetooth headsets that most people use nowadays, they must choose the brand and quality of reliable. After all, the internal battery is safe for life.

What is the price of Bluetooth speakers?

Many friends who love outdoor sports are used to listening to music on the road, so the choice of Bluetooth speakers is particularly important. As we all know, Bluetooth speakers are sold in many places now, usually in supermarkets, or mobile phone stores on the roadside, and now they have this thing. The appearance of Bluetooth speakers is different, and it is generally easy to pick up the eye. It is the industry standard of ordinary brands. No way. Now, some friends will choose to find a high-selling Bluetooth speaker on Taobao Jingdong, and they can use it with ease.
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