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Talking about the characteristics of small notebook speakers

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Small notebook audio source manufacturers talk about notebook small speakers. With the continuous development of technology, electronic products are becoming more compact and portable. Mini speakers, sports small speakers, and notebook speakers have emerged as the times require. They provide amplifiers for notebook portable electronic products and allow users to get rid of notebooks. The sound is small annoyance, and let friends share the sound effects together.

Talking about the characteristics of small notebook speakers

1. Small size, easy to carry, cool appearance, trendy fashion, personalized color matching, fresh and natural. The important point is the quality of the enclosure, because you often take it out with you. What kind of speakers are suitable, what kind of speakers are not easy to break, and what kind of speakers are more convenient?

Hold it in your hand, put it in your trouser pocket, or attach it to your notebook bag. Take up space completely

Talking about the characteristics of small notebook speakers

It is more convenient and safer than the egg-style, land-mine-style plastic speakers.
2. Integrating power amplifier, battery and dual speakers, the patented technology "dual speaker resonance cavity, MP3 generation and audio integrated function", solves the problem of too single traditional audio or MP3, and breaks decades of speaker size restrictions , Compressed to the limit;
3. No need for a long audio cable, no need for an external power supply, whether it is the fresh rhythm of the mountains and flowing water, or the passionate DJ dance music, it can be displayed vividly and vividly! Everything is just to be able to enjoy freely anytime, anywhere;
4. The design is simple and clear and easy to use. Use USB1.1 or 2.0 standard interface for power supply and audio input, drive-free USB interface plug and play, fully compatible with WINDOW operating system. Equipped with 3.5mm stereo audio input interface to link notebook, desktop PC, mobile phone, PSP, Walkman, MD, Mp3, handheld computer, PDA, Mp4, repeater, iPod, mobile phone and other devices;
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