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Daily maintenance and application of Bluetooth speakers

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Scientific maintenance of Bluetooth speakers is important to increase their service life. Below is a detailed introduction to some basic knowledge of daily maintenance:

1. The normal operating temperature of Bluetooth speakers should be 18℃~45℃. Too low temperature will reduce the sensitivity of some equipment (such as rectifier); too high and it is very easy to burn the components, or make the components embrittlement in advance. In summer, attention should be paid to reducing temperature and maintaining indoor ventilation.

2. Keep the bluetooth speakers away from the sun, and prevent them from getting close to pyrogens, such as electric heaters.

Daily maintenance and application of Bluetooth speakers

3. After the Bluetooth speaker is used up, the function keys should be calibrated. If the function keys are not calibrated for a long period of time, the extension button spring is in a state of endurance for a long period of time, and it is very easy to cause malfunction.

Daily maintenance and application of Bluetooth speakers

4. Power switch Before turning on and off the power of the speaker, turn the sound resistor of the power amplifier to the least, which is the most effective way to maintain the power amplifier and speakers. At this moment, the power amplifier circuit of the power amplifier is basically zero, and at least it will not cause adverse effects on the speaker when the operation is wrong
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