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Let wireless headphones become your fashion wear

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Many friends will question that the initial development of wireless headsets was just to make voice calls more convenient, not for music playback. Is it appropriate to choose to listen to music? In fact, today's wireless headset products are already very mature in terms of practicality and musical performance.

Wireless Headphones
Nowadays, there are countless headphone brands and models. The major audio-visual brands have fully entered the headphone and walkman market segments. Entering 2013, the personal audio-visual entertainment market has presented a prosperous scene. How can we get from hundreds of headphone products? To stand out from the crowd has become a matter of great concern to many audio-visual brands. As an audio-visual enthusiast, it is also difficult to choose a suitable headset product. In addition to the large number of headset products, rich functions, and diverse appearances, price, comfort and even matching must also be considered. In fact, as a headphone user for many years, the author pays great attention to the development of headphone technology and design. We can find that the introduction of headphone products is often closely related to the needs of consumers. For example, headsets or earphones suitable for use during exercise, full-ear cover headsets for music monitoring, Bluetooth wireless transmission headsets that support voice calls, and so on.

It’s not difficult for users to choose a headset that suits them. But if you want to choose a headset product that can shape your personality and highlight the trend, the author here first recommends wireless headsets, except for the convenience and appearance In addition to stylish design and diversified functions, it has gradually become the headphone category that many audio-visual players pay attention to because of the collection of the essence of the headset design technology of its own brand.

Let wireless headphones become your fashion wear

The practicality and musicality of wireless earphones
Many friends will have questions. In the early stage of development, the wireless headset was only to make voice calls more convenient, not for music playback. Is it appropriate to choose to listen to music? In fact, this idea can be justified if it was placed in the past, but with the continuous development of wireless transmission technology, the bandwidth and stability of wireless transmission have been greatly improved, whether it is to transmit high-standard or high-rate audio signals, there is no problem at all. Secondly, today’s battery technology has been improved, and the battery life and power supply of wireless headphones have been optimized. It is no problem to listen to high-quality music for a long time and to promote large-size headphone units. Some wireless headphones have added noise reduction and bass enhancement. , Sharpness enhancement and other functions, and some models have added storage space, and songs can be imported into headphones for direct playback. Therefore, today's wireless headset products are very mature in terms of practicality and musical performance.

Wireless transmission technology used in headphones
Bluetooth technology
Bluetooth (Bluetooth), is a wireless personal area network (Wireless PAN), originally created by Ericsson, and later established by the Bluetooth Technology Alliance technical standards. "Bluetooth" (Bluetooth) was originally the name of the king who unified Denmark in the tenth century. Now it takes its "unified" meaning and is used to name the Bluetooth technology intended to unify the wireless LAN communication standard. After the six versions of Bluetooth technology 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, it has developed a very stable and widely popular user group, such as personal computers, digital cameras, printers, TVs, mobile phones and other products. The use of Bluetooth technology can be found. 1.1 is the earliest version, the transmission rate is about 748~810kb/s, because it is an early design, it is easy to be interfered by products of the same frequency and affect the communication quality. When it comes to 2.0, it is an improved version of 1.2, with a transmission rate of about 1.8 ~ 2.1M/s. The subsequent version 3.0 provides a more stable and high-bandwidth transmission effect. It integrates 802.11PAL with a maximum speed of 24M/s, which is 8 times the 2.0 speed.
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