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In-depth analysis: There are five types of wireless Bluetooth headsets, which one is right for you?

Release time: 2021-07-28    Viewers: 497

For a lazy person who is used to using wireless Bluetooth headsets, it may be difficult to return to using wired headsets. Of course, audiophiles are scornful of Bluetooth headsets, and the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets really cannot be compared with wired headsets, let alone Hi-Fi. But for most mobile phone users, the word "convenience" is enough to make many people rather give up a little sound quality performance, but also enjoy the thrill of no earphone cable pulling and entanglement.

Therefore, there are more and more Bluetooth headsets on the market. Before choosing a specific product, you should understand. The current Bluetooth headsets can be roughly divided into five categories: head-mounted, traditional in-ear, the recently emerging neck-mounted and binaural independent, and bone conduction headphones that have been repeatedly Amway by various athletes. I don’t know which one to choose. ? Just read this article.

1. Head-mounted
Compared with the compact in-ear headphones that Asians prefer, this type of headset has the rugged European and American style. For example, the well-known Beats is a typical representative. Due to the large size of the headset, it can accommodate larger units, more circuits, and batteries, so in addition to generally good sound quality, this type of headset also has many "all-round fighters", such as noise reduction. In short, if you want to buy the most versatile Bluetooth headset in one step, the headset is definitely the best choice.
Advantages: large size, so it can accommodate more functions, and...battery. Compared with hard indicators such as noise reduction, sound quality, and battery life, it has strong competitiveness.
Disadvantages: large and heavy, not everyone likes to wrap their ears, especially in know.

2. Ordinary in-ear
Among in-ear Bluetooth headsets, this type of product is the earliest and the most mature at present, in other words, it is the cheapest. The shape of this type of headset is basically the same, and even the operating logic of the connection control is the same. However, in terms of sound quality and additional functions, different products are still very different, so the price ranges from one to two hundred to nearly a thousand, and the span is also very large. If you just want a Bluetooth headset, products within 500 can meet the demand. If you want to chase famous brands, you can also choose a headset of about 1,000 yuan.
Advantages: The most mature product at present, which can meet the needs of most people.

Disadvantages: The connection between the ears of some products will sometimes grind your neck. Don't ask me how I knew it.

In-depth analysis: There are five types of wireless Bluetooth headsets, which one is right for you?

3. Neck hanging type:
This type can be regarded as a variant of the ordinary in-ear Bluetooth headset. The connection line between the ears is simply made into a neck-hung shape and hung around the neck. There are still many benefits. For example, because there is no need to make a fuss about the earphones of inches of gold, the neck hanging part can accommodate larger batteries and more complicated circuits. In addition, in terms of appearance and design, the neckband part seems to have more tricks to play. Compared with the same in-ear headphones, this neckband product looks obviously cooler. Just look at the X12 Neckband of Jessie. However, after my personal evaluation, I remind you that most of these products are not really suitable for running.
Advantages: Compared with ordinary in-ear headphones, the shape is more changeable, the functions are more powerful, and the battery life is stronger, and the price is not necessarily more expensive than ordinary in-ear headphones of the same type
Disadvantages: If the neck-hanging part is poorly designed, running or even brisk walking will be tilted to one side (I won’t name it now)

4. Binaural independent type:
The new category created by Apple has quickly spread across the country. In terms of product concept, this is the perfect wireless headset. However, with the exception of Apple AirPods, other such earphones are divided into main and auxiliary ears. When used alone, only one earphone can be used, and many products only have one ear when answering the phone, which is slightly cute. And the occasional connection stability is not good, and the sound delay is also very maddening. Another shortcoming is that the battery life of this type of headset is generally anxious. For example, AirPods are only 5 hours, while products such as Sony noise reduction beans are only 3 hours.
Advantages: There is no bondage of any headphone cable at all, a true "wireless headset".
Disadvantages: urgent battery life, and the connection stability of most products is more or less problematic.

5. Bone conduction headphones
A headset that has been madly Amway by various sports masters. The wearing method is different from traditional earphones. It does not need to cover the ears or fit into the ear canal. Instead, it is placed on the head. The sound is conducted through the temporal bones to the auditory nerve to produce a sense of hearing. It sounds very dreamy. Therefore, with this kind of earphone, you can hear the sound of the surrounding environment and the music coming from the earphone at the same time. This kind of dual listening experience is exactly what many athletes dream of. For white-collar workers who sit in the office for a long time, it is also an artifact, so that there will be no more embarrassment of being obsessed with the leader's call in your own world.
Advantages: A perfect double listening experience without hurting the ears.
Disadvantages: The sports attribute is too strong, and people who don't like it probably won't choose bone conduction headphones, although there is no problem in daily use.
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