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Bluetooth headset manufacturers teach you the knack for selecting Bluetooth headsets! !

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Compared with traditional wired headsets, Bluetooth headsets are not only much more powerful, but also have a variety of styles, which makes it difficult for most consumers to choose when buying. So, what aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a Bluetooth headset? Next, professional Bluetooth audio manufacturer Nayin Technology will teach you the tricks of selection.

The first thing to check is compatibility. Although today’s Bluetooth headset manufacturers claim that their products can be compatible with mobile phones with Bluetooth functionality, unexpected situations may occur. For example, many Bluetooth headsets claim that Bluetooth headsets have APT-X lossless audio transmission functions. In fact, this function is only This can only be achieved when both mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets are available.

Bluetooth headset manufacturers teach you the knack for selecting Bluetooth headsets! !

Secondly, it depends on comfort. Bluetooth headsets can’t be ignored not only in terms of beautiful appearance but also in terms of wearing comfort. Therefore, when choosing a Bluetooth headset, do not simply look at the appearance of the headset, and more often, consider the comfort of the headset. After all, the main reason for buying a headset The purpose is still to listen to songs and talk. If the earphones you buy are not comfortable to wear, it will affect your mood very much.

The third depends on the version. The stability and efficiency of signal transmission and the battery life of the headset are mainly related to the version of the Bluetooth headset. Relatively speaking, the higher the version, the faster the signal transmission, the more energy-saving, and the better the sound quality, and the higher the Bluetooth version. High, the more comprehensive the function, and the wider compatibility.

The fourth depends on the brand. There are many brands of Bluetooth headsets on the market, and the price difference between them is huge, and the quality is also uneven. Therefore, when buying Bluetooth headsets, try not to use some non-branded phones, because such phones seem to be cheap, but Quality and after-sales are generally not guaranteed, and consumer rights are hardly guaranteed.

The fifth depends on the chip. The quality of the chip is directly related to the quality and sound quality of the Bluetooth headset itself. For example, imported chips and domestic chips have relatively large differences in the power consumption, signal transmission speed, and sound quality stability of the headset. Therefore, when purchasing a Bluetooth headset, do not Ignore.
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