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How about the battery life of Bluetooth speakers?

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First of all, we must first introduce the type and quality of the built-in battery of the Bluetooth speaker.

1) Polymer battery
Advantages: safe and efficient, the soft package has no potential explosion hazard.
Disadvantages: There are many types, and the price difference between pure cobalt (good) and pure manganese (poor) polymer batteries is several times.

2) 18650 battery
Advantages: excellent performance, can reach the top level in charge and discharge (mostly used for laptop batteries), with explosion-proof protection
Disadvantages: There are more disassembled batteries and old batteries. The same 18650 battery is 5-10 times the difference between good and bad

3) Aluminum shell battery
Advantages: the price is very cheap
Disadvantages: poor performance. Without any explosion-proof measures, the consequences of an explosion would be disastrous.

How about the battery life of Bluetooth speakers?

Polymer batteries are safer than other batteries, and can be thinner. Among the built-in batteries of Bluetooth speakers, they are high-end and common batteries. Of course, 18650 batteries are also used more, and their capacity will be slightly larger, which is safer. The performance is still inferior to polymer batteries, and the worst is the aluminum shell battery. But no matter what kind of battery is used, it must be equipped with a battery protection board. If there is no battery protection board, it must not be used, because without a protection board, the battery charging and discharging cannot be guaranteed, and the service life cannot be obtained. protect.

The battery life of the Bluetooth speaker is based on the battery type and battery size. Just remember that when the battery size is uniform, 18650 battery> polymer battery> aluminum battery. Of course, the larger the battery, the stronger the battery life.

After turning on the Bluetooth wireless, if it coexists with the wireless LAN, the interference signal is strong, and the connection may even be lost.

Bluetooth wireless (bluetooth) adopts frequency hopping spread spectrum (frequency hopping spread spectrum), the transmission power is 2.5 mW, the data transmission rate is 7.5 Mb/s (according to version 4.2), and the theoretical effective transmission distance is 10 m. Bluetooth wireless and 2.4 GHz wireless local area network work in the same ISM (industrial scientific medical) frequency band, and there is a problem of mutual interference between the two.

The typical application of bluetooth wireless is to use bluetooth mouse and keyboard. In this kind of occasion, personal computers with wireless local area network are used, and there is a problem of mutual interference between the two. In order to avoid Bluetooth transmission interference, the channel can be dynamically selected according to the site conditions, and the length of each packet of the wireless LAN can also be changed to reduce interference during data packet transmission, reduce the probability of data retransmission, and improve the throughput when interference exists.

The bluetooth small speakers produced by our company are produced by specialized manufacturers and accept customization.
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