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What to do if the Bluetooth speaker can't connect to the mobile phone?

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We generally use headphones and speakers to listen to music. Nowadays, Bluetooth speakers are becoming more and more popular, but after all, they are wireless products. Signal interruption or failure to connect from time to time are normal reasons. It is indeed a very troublesome thing that the Bluetooth speaker cannot connect to the mobile phone. What is the reason for this situation and how to solve it?

The reason why the Bluetooth speaker can't connect to the mobile phone

1. The Bluetooth speaker does not enter the matching state. After some Bluetooth speakers are turned on, the response of the Bluetooth module is very slow and cannot be activated in time.

2. The entered password is incorrect. To connect successfully, the password must be matched successfully.

3. The specific distance is too far. The signal transmission capacity of some Bluetooth speakers is not as strong as you think. The haul that is too far away is likely to receive the cloth signal.

4. The hardware equipment is faulty, whether it is a problem with the Bluetooth module of the speaker or the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, it cannot be successfully connected.

The Bluetooth speaker can't connect to the mobile phone, solution one

The first step is to turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone and go in to search for the status of the Bluetooth headset.

The second step is to turn on the Bluetooth speaker, you need to press and hold the switch button of the Bluetooth headset for about 5-6 seconds. Release until the indicator light: blue light and red light flash alternately.

What to do if the Bluetooth speaker can't connect to the mobile phone?

The third step, at this time, the Bluetooth speaker and the mobile phone will enter the matching state again. After the Bluetooth speaker is displayed on the phone, click OK to connect.

The fourth step, pay attention to the effective distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth speaker within 10 meters. Some Bluetooth speakers need to enter the password when they are paired: 0000 or 8888.

The bluetooth speaker can't connect to the mobile phone, solution two

If it is because the Bluetooth signal of the speaker cannot be searched and cannot be connected, the following steps can be performed.

The first step is to open the settings item, turn on the Bluetooth, and tick the box on the top line that can be searched by other devices, and you can search for pairing. If it still fails to connect, it means that the chip is poor.

The second step, the specifications of the i-controlled X3mini Bluetooth speaker are: CSR4.0 (CSR8615 chip), equipped with NFC function, in the shutdown state, the NFC function can wake up the product to turn on, and successfully pair with Bluetooth; when it has been manually turned on , Bluetooth can be successfully paired via NFC.

If repeating the above steps is useless, it basically means that there is a problem with the Bluetooth module of the speaker. Electronic products, you have to accept its failures, it is normal that there are many small problems.

The editor concludes: Don't worry too much about the Bluetooth speaker not being connected to the mobile phone. Try the correct method several times and it will usually return to normal. However, if there is a problem with the Bluetooth module, it can only be repaired or replaced with a Bluetooth module. Electronic products cannot be used all the time, and various problems will emerge after a long time.
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