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Choosing the right Bluetooth headset can protect your hearing

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Nowadays, more and more people use Bluetooth headsets to listen to music, watch TV or watch movies. With so many voices in our ears, wouldn't it be a problem? For this reason, Bluetooth headset manufacturers, first come to understand the hearing loss caused by noise.

Bluetooth earphone
Hearing loss caused by noise is caused by high-intensity noise damaging the inner ear of a person. Listening to sounds over 85 decibels for a long time can cause permanent hearing loss. From the perspective of occupational safety and health research, countries recommend that the daily noise level should be lower than 85 decibels, allowing workers to continuously receive 85 decibels of sound for 8 hours. For every 3 decibels higher than 85 decibels, the "safe" time will be reduced by half. Therefore, experts recommend that listeners listen at 88 decibels for 4 hours, 91 decibels for 2 hours, 94 decibels for 1 hour, and so on.
In fact, safe listening levels are based on earlier research. Current research shows that even limited noise exposure can cause permanent damage to the tiny ribbons between the hair cells, the auditory cells in our ears. In other words, after a large concert or a crowded gathering, the ear stuffiness and tinnitus we experience due to loud and noisy sounds is not just a temporary hearing loss. The damage will become obvious after 10 or 20 years, so hearing loss is more prominent in old age.
The hearing loss is gradual. First of all, the damage is often high-frequency hearing, which has little impact on our daily life and is not easy to be noticed; but as the damage persists and hearing further declines in other frequencies, this will lead to what we call "deafness". At this point, people's lives and studies will be severely affected.

Here are five tips for protecting your hearing when using Bluetooth headsets:

Choosing the right Bluetooth headset can protect your hearing

1. Turn down the volume-set the volume limit on the device so that your listening volume does not exceed 70% of the maximum volume.
2. Turn off-listening to a high decibel volume for a long time is particularly serious for hearing damage. You can use the 60/60 rule, which is to listen at 60% volume for 60 minutes, and then rest for 30 minutes or more to rest and recover your ears.

3. Choose ear-hook Bluetooth headsets-plug-in earphones are 9 decibels louder than ear-hook earphones. If you listen to music at 91 decibels, plug-in headphones will reduce your safe listening time from 2 hours to 15 minutes.

Choosing the right Bluetooth headset can protect your hearing

4. Choose noise-cancelling Bluetooth headsets-this is especially important if you like to listen to the device in a noisy environment (such as busy city streets, subway buses, etc.). If you are not aware of this, you often increase the volume of the headphones to overcome the surrounding noise.
5. About bass-if you are a bass enthusiast who pursues the strong vibration of music and the "head hit" effect, please use the equalizer on the device to increase the bass. In this way, even if the volume is turned down, you will achieve satisfactory results.
In short, when using Bluetooth headsets, you must pay attention to reducing the volume, it is better to be soft, and do not listen to it continuously for a long time.
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