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The editor shares common problem solving techniques for mini speakers

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1. There is no problem with sound playback, but the presence of noise will affect the listening effect.
Some users report that when using small speakers, it is normal most of the time, but sometimes they will make a "popping" noise, which affects the listening effect. At first, I suspected that there was a problem with the audio signal plug, but the problem was not resolved after changing the cable. However, after the customer moved the speaker to another place and tried it for a few days, no problem was found. Comparing the difference before and after each other, only the socket is different. This is for you to check whether your socket is caused by quality problems. The reason is that the quality of the power socket is poor, the phosphor copper sheet used inside is of poor quality and poor elasticity. After a long time of use, the contact is not good. After a while, the power of the speaker is turned on and off. Because there is a large-capacity filter capacitor inside the power supply, the power supply voltage of the power amplifier circuit will be high and low, and the sound strength will change significantly; at the same time, because there will be interference signals of current on and off at the moment of on and off Into the amplifier circuit, it will also cause other noise.

Solution: Replace your power socket with a manufacturer's product with good quality and guaranteed brand.

2. There is no problem with sound playback, but when the bass is adjusted, the loudspeaker will also emit a "crack" noise, which does not achieve the best listening effect.

Sometimes some small speakers will have a "crack" noise when in use, especially when the subwoofer knob is turned, the situation will be more serious. Because it is caused by rotating the bass knob, it is certain that the BASS potentiometer is damaged. The volume adjustment and subwoofer adjustment of most speakers use potentiometers to change the strength of the signal, except for the new digital tuning potentiometer. The potentiometer changes the position on the carbon resistor through a movable contact to change the resistance value. As the use time increases, dust or impurities will fall into the potentiometer, and the contacts of the potentiometer may also be oxidized and rusted, resulting in inaccurate contact. At this time, there will be a "crack" when adjusting the volume. The noise appears. It is very simple to deal with this kind of problem, just replace a new potentiometer. However, the simplest solution is to open the case, open the four crimping tabs behind the potentiometer, and clean the carbon baffle with absolute alcohol on the movable contact of the bottom potentiometer, and then drop a drop of oil on the carbon baffle. , Install the potentiometer in the original position to solve the noise problem. However, the reason for this example is because the quality of the potentiometer is unstable. When in use, the reeds of the left and right channels were originally separated, but now because of the misalignment, they are turned on and off during use, which results in a "thunderbolt". "Para" noise. We only need to use needle-nose tweezers to gently pull it up, and then press the original position to reinstall it. If there is a similar noise when adjusting the volume, it can also be repaired in this way.

The editor shares common problem solving techniques for mini speakers

Solution: try to remove the audio cable. If it doesn't ring, it is the grounding problem of the audio cable. Just find the break point and connect it. Note
The housing of the Italian potentiometer should also be grounded reliably. In addition, the ring ground circuit board is cut off in sections, and then connected to the filter with wires.
The grounding point of the wave capacitor can significantly improve the power frequency interference. (Short the signal line, if the sound is still there, it is the line design

The problem is to take multi-point centralized grounding.

The editor shares common problem solving techniques for mini speakers

3. The sound is played normally, but one speaker has a loud sound, and the other has a small sound. If you push the volume potentiometer to one side with your hand, the volume of the two channels will be the same. This case is similar to the second type of failure, and it is also a problem with the volume potentiometer. Because of the volume
The left and right channels of the positioner are independent of each other. Because the reed has been used for too long, the elasticity of the inner reed is too weak to be
Close contact. Finally, connect the common ground terminal of the potentiometer directly to eliminate the fault.
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