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Xiaobai must read how to choose a portable Bluetooth speaker?

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This month, the national college entrance examination and senior high school entrance examinations have ended, and the candidates can finally indulge themselves. In fact, no matter what your final exam results are, this will be the beginning of the next wonderful stage of your life. So, let your tired body and mind go outside and relax. Outings, travels, parties, and barbecues are all good choices.

And just recently, friends around the author came to ask me, "Which speakers are good for going out to play?" Now whether you are an elderly or a young person, listening to music during leisure time has become a common habit and hobby of everyone, so On holidays, you can also bring a speaker to share music with your family and friends. Gradually, I found that products such as portable Bluetooth speakers are becoming more and more popular among young people.

Since many friends around have such needs, the author also thinks it is necessary to talk about this topic with everyone here; it just so happens that the summer vacation in 2017 is coming again, and more and more people will go out with their children; so for different Environment and usage requirements, how do we choose the right Bluetooth speakers?
Bluetooth Speaker

More shopping suggestions for outdoor scenes:

Nowadays, people are advocating a healthy way of traveling. Cycling has been loved by more and more young people. So for this group of people, how should we choose a Bluetooth speaker that suits us?

Because you want to fix the speaker on the frame, it is best to choose a Bluetooth speaker similar to the shape of a sports bottle, so that you can fix the speaker on the bottle cage, or fix it under the seat or hang it on the backpack for riding. Listening to the song is not wrong.

Outdoor three-proof speaker:

For backpackers who like mountain climbing, it is undoubtedly a better choice to choose a Bluetooth speaker with practical functions, wear resistance and drop resistance. In addition, in order to ensure that the speaker can work normally in any environment, it is recommended that you buy those The speaker with three-proof function (dustproof, waterproof, shockproof), so whether it is muddy mountain road or rainy weather, you can use it with confidence.

Xiaobai must read how to choose a portable Bluetooth speaker?

Battery life:

It should be noted that, for the above two use scenarios, we should pay attention to the above points of purchase skills, and also pay attention to the battery life of the speakers. Although almost everyone has a power bank when they go out now, most of them are charging mobile phones, so it is recommended that everyone choose the Bluetooth speaker with a built-in large-capacity lithium battery.

Xiaobai must read how to choose a portable Bluetooth speaker?

Written at the end:

If you feel that the Bluetooth recommended above is not what you like, it doesn't matter, as long as you know your needs and know how to choose a Bluetooth speaker that suits you, then the purpose of this article will be achieved.
Passive Speaker:Bluetooth Speaker

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