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Although wireless headphones are convenient, do you know these 3 disadvantages? Decide if you want to start after reading it

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There is no doubt that wireless earphones are one of the most innovative smart accessories launched in the past two years. It cancels the long cable of traditional earphones, making it easy to pick and place and wear. It has been loved by many users for a while. Nowadays, in addition to Apple’s airpods, many wireless headsets are constantly being introduced in China. Some new mobile phones even directly cancel the headphone jack and can only connect to wireless headsets, which is really embarrassing. But, do you know? Although wireless headsets are convenient, they still have these three shortcomings. After reading them, decide whether to start.
Wireless Headphones

First of all, wireless earphones have a certain signal range: we all know that when Apple’s airpods box is opened, it will automatically pop up the connection box when it is close to the iphone. When the iphone is connected to the airpods, you can listen to songs, make calls, and adjust the volume, which is very convenient. . However, airpods and iphone also have a certain signal connection range, which means that if you wear airpods out of this signal connection range, then your airpods will not receive the signal. The same is true for other wireless headphones, as long as they exceed this range, they won't work.

Secondly, the sound quality is much worse than wired earphones: I believe that the little friends who have used wireless earphones know that the sound quality of wireless earphones cannot be compared with wired earphones. Even the second generation of the hottest airpods has been complained by users. The sound quality is not as good as dozens of wired headsets, so if you have high sound quality requirements, you should consider carefully. On the Internet, some netizens have tried to buy dozens of Taobao wireless headsets, but the sound quality is not good at all. In the end, they have no choice but to return them. Therefore, wireless headsets need to be strengthened in terms of sound quality.

Although wireless headphones are convenient, do you know these 3 disadvantages? Decide if you want to start after reading it

Finally, the current price of wireless earphones is several times higher than that of wired earphones: first exclude the price of Apple’s airpods priced at 1,600 yuan, because its configuration is higher than ordinary wireless earphones, but the price of other wireless earphones is not cheap. , The average price is around a few hundred yuan, not everyone can accept. However, the price of wired earphones is relatively low now. General brands can buy very good earphones for only a few tens of yuan or one or two hundred, and even a 10 yuan earphone at a roadside stand can last a long time. I believe everyone knows. .

Although wireless headphones are convenient, do you know these 3 disadvantages? Decide if you want to start after reading it

In fact, since Apple launched airpods, many domestic businesses have started to imitate them, launching various wireless earphones and canceling the earphone jack, because they also know that wireless earphones are the future development trend, and more and more smart phones will use wireless in the future. Headphones, and wired headphones will slowly be eliminated. Although, in addition to the above three shortcomings, there are still many unstable factors in wireless headsets. The development of technology will gradually eliminate these shortcomings and unstable factors, and this more advanced technology product will slowly enter Our lives give us more convenience.

However, according to this development trend, wireless headsets will be eliminated for a long time, so you don’t have to rush to replace them. After a long time, the price of wireless headsets may gradually drop. Okay, what do you guys want to say about this? Do you usually prefer to use wireless headphones or wired headphones? Feel free to leave a message and share it in the comments section below.
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