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How about a small computer speaker? What are the advantages of small computer speakers

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When using a desktop computer, we would find it cool to play songs with vertical speakers. But if you imagine, would it be appropriate to use a laptop with a vertical speaker? Of course it’s not appropriate. At this time, people usually use small computer speakers. In fact, small computer speakers are not only suitable for laptops, any type Computers are suitable, because the small computer speakers are small and easy to carry, so many people want to know whether the computer speakers are good or not, so hurry up and understand the following.

1. Introduction of small computer speakers
Small computer speakers are also called USB speakers, which are speakers that input digital audio signals directly into the speakers from the USB port on the motherboard, and then process the signals through the built-in D/A conversion circuit of the speakers before outputting them. From the appearance, the advantage of using usb speakers is that it can improve the sound quality. Because the digital signal will not be interfered in the transmission process, the purity of the signal is good, but the center of the usb speaker is the D/A conversion circuit, and its conversion accuracy The performance impact is great.

Second, the characteristics of computer small speakers
The small computer speakers are small in size, easy to carry, cool appearance, trendy and fashionable, personalized color matching, refreshing and natural. The largest size does not surpass a football, the smallest is as big as an egg.

Integrating power amplifier, battery and dual speakers, the first patented technology "retractable expansion resonance cavity" solves the problem of the narrow resonance cavity of mini speakers, breaks through decades of speaker appearance specifications, and compresses it to the limit.

How about a small computer speaker? What are the advantages of small computer speakers

Third, the advantages of small computer speakers
Small computer speakers do not require long audio cables or external power supplies. Whether it is the refreshing rhythm of the mountains and the flowing water, or the passionate DJ dance music, it can be displayed vividly! Everything is just to be able to be anytime, anywhere, Enjoy freely.

How about a small computer speaker? What are the advantages of small computer speakers

Fourth, the design and function of small computer speakers
The design of small computer speakers is simple and clear, easy to use. Use USB1.1 or 2.0 standard interface power supply and audio input, drive-free USB interface plug and play, fully compatible with WINDOW 95 98 ME 2000 and XP operating systems. Equipped with 3.5mm flat sound audio input interface to link notebook, desktop PC, mobile phone, PSP, Walkman, MD, Mp3, handheld computer, PDA, Mp4, repeater, iPod, mobile phone and other devices.
After reading the introduction of small computer speakers in the above editor, everyone must have recognized the small computer speakers in their hearts. The small computer speakers not only have good sound quality and good performance, but also are easy to carry. Especially when you go camping with friends, the small computer speakers can adjust the atmosphere and have fun without taking up luggage space, which is really good. A practical treasure. It is also worth noting that small computer speakers should be handled with care, so that their lifespan can be long, and because of their small size, they are also relatively fragile.
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