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What are the functions of Bluetooth headsets

Release time: 2021-08-11    Viewers: 587

Regardless of whether customers like it or not, Bluetooth headsets are getting closer and closer to every customer who is holding a mobile smart terminal. Otherwise, how to place the sound of these mobile phone headsets or tablet computers that have no embedded 3.5 mm headphone jack? What's more, with the development trend of wireless communication technology, the role of Bluetooth headsets has long been the difference between clouds and mud. What are the functions of today's Bluetooth headsets? Why not follow the steps and take a look together.

Function 1: Use audio news media equipment to listen to songs

This is of course unquestionable. A very large number of customers purchase Bluetooth headsets to listen to music during the whole process of walking very well. In the crowded subway station at work, they can quietly enjoy their own music space, which is a good thing. Way to reduce stress and mentality. For fitness sports, the equipment of Bluetooth headsets is even more necessary, which can stimulate the potential of fitness sports, and can also reduce the simplicity and boring sense of fitness sports, which is beneficial without harm.

What are the functions of Bluetooth headsets

Role 2: Use voice calls, news media, machinery and equipment to communicate on the phone

For customers who have a lot of calls, holding a large-screen mobile phone to talk on the phone at all times is indeed a heavy task, and it is impossible to release their left and right hands. For those who drive, the convenience of communication with Bluetooth headsets is second to none. There is no need to violate traffic laws, and there is no need to get through some more private calls when things are not suitable. In addition, it is convenient and fast, and the safety performance is high.

What are the functions of Bluetooth headsets

Role 3: Adapt to third-party software, actual operation of the wireless network
Before purchasing a Bluetooth headset, customers must pay attention to the compatibility of Bluetooth headsets. If the specifications and models of Bluetooth headsets are compatible with mobile smart terminals, there are several key specifications of Bluetooth headsets at this stage: HandfreeProfile (HFP) and HeadsetPro- file (HSP). HFP means hands-free call function, while HSP means mobile phone headset function. Customers must first figure out which specifications and models are applicable to their mobile phones, and then choose a suitable Bluetooth headset to match the Bluetooth headset that uses the HFP file format. The applicable mobile phone functions are more detailed. The function of hands-free call options such as call saving, call rejection and so on. Some models also apply HFP and HSP.
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