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How to eliminate noise in bluetooth headset

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1. Eliminate the cause of debris and the cause of the line. First clean the phone headset and see what dirt is inside. There is a problem with the headphone jack connector of the mobile phone. First, wipe the power plug with cotton wool dipped in a small amount of ethanol, and then wipe with toilet paper.

2. Shake each part of the line to keep the phone headset intact. If the noise changes along with the line shaking, it should be a problem with the line. If there is a problem with the line, try to change the line.

3. Secondly, some people around you will cause noise in the Bluetooth headset when they are powered on or have a strong magnetic field, or if you are holding two mobile phones while answering calls, the distance between them will also occur. Very loud noise. For this reason, just change the area or put another mobile phone farther away.

How to eliminate noise in bluetooth headset

4. Check whether the mobile phone headset cable is disconnected or loose, and remove the damage to the appearance of the hardware configuration. In the end, if there is no problem with the Bluetooth headset after various inspections, but there is still noise, you can contact the merchant and after-sales service. Service returns, inspection and repair solutions.

5. The static induction on the computer is also the key reason. Touch the iron part of the main box firmly. If the noise subsides, connect a piece of copper core wire, one end to the screw on the back of the computer, and one end to the grounding device. Is the microphone improving the situation? Remove the microphone boost. Because some external sound cards are not compatible.

How to eliminate noise in bluetooth headset

6. The driver is not very good. It is very likely that the built-in driver software of the system software is used, or the driver is not very good. If that is the case, you can change the sound card driver process.
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