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How to use TWS Bluetooth headset?

Release time: 2021-08-13    Viewers: 565

Recently, many friends are reporting how to use Bluetooth headsets? The question of how to use the TWS bluetooth headset has made bluetooth headset manufacturers a little confused. Why are there many friends who are not familiar with the use of bluetooth headsets? But when I thought about it, my eyebrows were overjoyed. Why do you say that? It must be that TWS Bluetooth headsets have covered the middle-aged and elderly people. Only this explanation can tell how the TWS Bluetooth headsets are used in hot searches. This also means that TWS Bluetooth headsets are more and more popular. How Don't you like the brows? Now how do you use Bluetooth headsets? So many friends are consulting, Bluetooth headset manufacturers are incumbent on the need for popular science. Today, I will answer the question of how to use TWS Bluetooth headsets in detail.

1. When using the headset for the first time, try to charge the headset for about 2-4 hours, and then charge it for 2 hours. This is also said in the manual. It is best not to exceed 4 hours. Some forums say that it must be charged for 24 hours. According to the fact that such a small headset can charge for 24 hours, it is a bit too exaggerated.

How to use TWS Bluetooth headset?

2. Click the Bluetooth settings in the phone settings, select "Enable", and finish. This opens the Bluetooth support function of the mobile phone.

3. When the Bluetooth headset is off, press and hold the headset multi-function button MFB for more than 3 seconds, and wait for the blue indicator light on the headset to light up (1, note that it is always on. The pairing process is always on, not flashing or not on. 2. There are also parts The device flashes red and blue alternately), at this time the Bluetooth headset is already in a searchable state.

How to use TWS Bluetooth headset?

4. Open the Bluetooth option on the phone and search. After the headset is successfully searched, the name and model of the Bluetooth headset will be displayed on the list, click OK.

5. Click on the Bluetooth headset name item: Open and select binding. When finished, the mobile phone is connected to the Bluetooth headset.

After the device is successfully connected for the first time, the TWS headset has basically realized the automatic link function, which is much more convenient in the future.
The above is how the headset is linked to the operation of the device. Of course, the headset also has its own functional operation. The operation method of each headset is different. For details, please refer to the product manual. Generally, there will be detailed answers.
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